Dean Deluxe Resonator Banjo Hard Case - Faux Black Alligator - NEW!


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These Hardshell cases combine all the necessary elements for a high-quality, reliable case that provides excellent protection for your instrument. They are made with 5-ply cross-laminate woods that can stand up to a great deal of pressure. The exterior has a well-secured, tolex-type covering. The neck piece is screwed in for years of use. We line the interior with a soft foam that keeps the guitar well protected and firmly in place.

The case is designed to fit all standard full size 5 and 6 string banjos.
It features a beautiful faux gator type textured black vinyl covering with a plush interior and an accessory compartment,.
There's also a lock on the side to secure your banjo while it's being transported or stored and the key is included.


Designed to fit all standard 4- and 5-string banjos
Features textured black vinyl covering
Interior accessory compartment
Lock with key

The case should work with any 13-3/4" wide right hand or left handed Gibson or Epiphone tenor or standard 4 or 5 string banjo, as well as many other models and brands, including an Alvarez Bacon & Day Vega Deering Master Tone and Fender etc.

These are the approximate inside dimensions between the pads, which will give a little.

Please check your banjo to make sure it will fit, as exact models and brands will very.

The body is 13-3/4" across
The overall length is 39-1/2"
The depth measures right at 4" plus there's another 1-1/2" or so in the lid

If you have a nice banjo you really need a good case like this to protect your investment and maintain the maximum value of your instrument.

  • 5-Ply Wood
  • Tolex-Type Faux Alligator Covering
  • Black, Plush Interior Lining
  • Heavy-Duty Hardware
  • Lock & Key
  • Screwed-In Neck Brace
  • Lifetime Warranty


Out of Stock

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