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“Maybe a scratch on it. Works perfect. Comes with box and papers. Warranty too!”

This item is just like new. It includes the manual and factory box.

The box shows some slight signs of wear. It works perfectly.

We received this unit directly from Dunlop Manufacturing.

It includes a warranty.

A versatile, first glass wah pedal. The MC404 CAE wah features dual Fasel inductors with two original voicings, and the on-board MXR MC401 Linedriver. Switch your voicing from high-end emphasis to low-to-mid resonance at the click of a button. Then engage the boost for even more tonal flexibility. The MC404 includes true hardwire bypass, a long-life CTS potentiometer, and internal pots for "Q" control. The internal "Q" control varies the intensity of the wah effect, as well as gain adjustments. The MC404 delivers high performance and quality that you have come to expect from the world leader in wah-wah technology, and does not disappoint.


  • Select between a Yellow or Red Fasel Inductor for two distinct tones
  • Features a custom designed CTS extended life low noise potentiometer
  • User selectable gain output stage with kick switch and LED indicator
  • Designed with low noise class 'A' operational amplifiers
  • Bright LEDs indicate effect status, inductor mode, and boost on or off mode
  • True bypass
  • For power, insert a 9-volt battery, plug in an ECB-003 power adapter, or plug into a Dunlop DC Brick multi-power supply 9-volt output


Out of Stock

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