EBS OctaBass Octave Divider


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The EBS OctaBass analog octave divider creates a single note one octave below the pitch of the played note, adding a new dimension to your sound. Now with improved tracking! the Octabass now uses true bypass techniques and triggers better and faster than ever! The pedal also recognizes two or three-note chords and trigger the lowest note. Control the level of the original tone and mix in the octave effect. Choose between High, Mid or Low Range.

  • Triple Mode Octave Divider
  • High, Mid and Low Ranges
  • Controls for Normal and Octave volume
  • 3 dB higher headroom, better tracking (handle lower notes than before)
  • Increased span between tonal ranges
  • New analog circuitry with higher dynamics and lower noise.
  • Mechanical True Bypass switching
  • True Bypass

Out of Stock

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