Full Custom Music Repair Kraken Overdrive MKII Guitar Effects Pedal


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The "Kraken"! Guaranteed the best sea monster themed overdrive pedal you have ever heard. Forget 11, our gain control goes from calm seas to the full fury of Poseidon. Whether you need a bit of clean boost, blues overdrive or something a heavier sounding, the Kraken has you covered. The Kraken has a very amp-like feel and uncompressed attack, thanks to the use of an all Class-A Discrete Transistor design. Unlike diode clipping It will not mask the sound of your amp with false compression. But wait! There's more! The on board professional grade active EQ allows you to personally tailor the tone to your taste. Also our switchable bypass system includes an optional buffer or true bypass.


  • Gain- The Gain control adjusts the amount of vintage overdrive goodness, this control is designed to work like the gain control of an amplifier.
  • EQ- The active bass and treble controls offer much more flexibility than a single tone control. At their center positions the controls are effectively bypassed. At their extremes they provide +/- 15db of cut or boost. The center frequency is set at 800 Hz.
  • Volume- Adjusts the output signal level to your amp. The Kraken can provide 6db of full range clean boost. With the volume control at its center position the boost will be about 3db, depending upon the settings of the other controls.
  • External Supply Jack- Standard 2.1mm center pin negative 9 Volts. Current required is less than 20mA. A higher voltage power supply will not change the sound of the Kraken as the supply voltage inside the pedal is internally regulated; this helps to keep the Kraken free of noise. If the wrong polarity supply or a supply with an excessively high voltage is used it may cause damage to the pedal.
  • Bypass Switch- The Kraken has two bypass modes selectable via internal dip switch. TrĂ¼ Bypass (oo--) for boutique style True Bypass and Buffered Bypass (--oo) which uses a unity gain buffer that does not bypass with the effect. This setting works well for those times when true bypass does not work, as in connecting many devices inline, extreme mismatches of impedance or long cable runs.
  • Frequency Response- The Kraken is designed to maintain an accurate representation of your original signal within +/- 1.5db when the EQ Controls are set to their center position. This allows the Kraken to be useful not only for electric guitar but also bass, keyboard, acoustic guitar or many other applications.

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