ISP Decimator G String II Noise Reduction Guitar Effects Pedal


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The Decimator G String II Noise Reduction pedal was designed for those who want the ultimate performance from a noise reduction pedal. The G String Pedal tracks the signal directly from the guitar, which allows you to switch from clean to high gain without ever changing the threshold setting. The new design allows connection of the processing channel of the Decimator to be inserted into your effects loop or after your high gain pedals or preamp. An 1/8 Phone cord is used to engage the linking function which allows you to link two Decimators for two channels of noise reduction. You can also use one Decimator G String II and one Decimator II pedal to create a stereo setup. This connection allows both pedals to directly track the instrument providing the tracking performance of ISP's professional Decimator ProRack G.

  • Time Vector Processing allows fast tracking of the downward expander in relation to the input signal
  • New guitar in and out to allow Decimator function to be patched anywhere in the signal chain
  • Link In and Link Out patches for multiple decimator interface
  • Simple to use threshold and bypass functions
  • The amazing thing is that you can switch from high gain to your clean channel and never have to switch the Decimator G String off due to the threshold being set too high. It’s simply transparent.

Out of Stock

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