Menatone Red Snapper Overdrive


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Quite possibly the most open, and, dare I say, "tranparent" overdrive ever made. The Red Snapper is the first Menatone pedal introduced in February of 1996. The deceptively simple controls allow for just enough shaping to sculpt your sound without ever changing the fundamentals of your original tone. The BITE is a boost only control effecting the upper mid range, "pick attack" frequencies and overall gain, while the CUT is a low pass filter that cuts treble after the gain. This MK3 edition also features a boosted bipolar power supply for huge dynamics and transient response.


  • Full sized CTS pots
  • 1/2 watt carbon comp resistors
  • Rolled polyester caps
  • Audio grade electrolytic caps
  • Charge pump boosted power supply

Out of Stock

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