Mad Professor Little Green Wonder Overdrive (PCB)


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BJF design high headroom overdrive with adjustable low/mid EQ balance! Premium quality classic blues/rock pedal that works very well with complex overdriven amp sound. This pedals is now offered as lower priced pcb-model or hand wired pedal. Both share the same specs and tone. It's a low compression, high headroom overdrive with high output, and it has a Body knob for adjusting low-mid content and treble. The LGW was made to be a stackable overdrive that could go anywhere in the pedal chain and the compression normally associated with this type of circuit is produced, similar to using several gain stages.

This pedal works very well with amps and other pedals that have a lot of complexity or compression, a situation in which not all pedals work well. LGW makes a great building block to sound yet it works standalone; especially with humbuckers. Body control gives access to medium midhump at center position and allows treble boost at cw rotation and low mid/treble boost a ccw position and so unit also can provide distortion albeit a smooth type. LGW can be used as an overdrive to already distorting amplifiers or pedals downstream, as well as function as a filter when feed with fuzz pedals that may be rough on some amplifiers and can also be used as light overdrive for just breaking up sounds.

  • Z in at 1kHz: app. 500K
  • Pout 1kHz in 50k: app. 0uW70 RMS
  • Max load: app. 10K
  • Max output: 3V peak
  • Max current consumption: 5mA5 at 10V
  • Upper freq. -3dB: app. 10KHz
  • Max gain at 1KHz: app. 58 dB
  • Max gain at 1KHz: app. 58 dB
  • Supply Voltage range: 7V5-18V
  • True Bypass

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