WMD Geiger Counter - Civilian Issue


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The WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue is a modified take on WMD’s classic noise maker. It is a high gain pre amp that drives an 8 bit computer to create tube overdrive and hot gated leads to limitless amounts of gain, multiple octave foldover, harsh digital data errors, and piercing sculpted noise. The radical circuits and sounds are still present in the Civilian version, making this a pedal for sonic anarchists and trouble-makers. The WMD Geiger Counter Civilian issue takes 32 sounds from the original Geiger Counter, and the Function knob delivers 16 algorythm forms that will utterly decimate your signal with its on-board lo-fi 8 bit computer. The gain knob provides anything from a nice clean tone to insane amounts of overdrive. Use this to hit the Function tables harder or softer to produce different amounts of harmonics.

The tone knob can be used to fine tune the harmonic content from the Function tables. Use lower settings for fewer upper level harmonics. Manipulating the Function knob will cause the number on the display from 0 to 9 and A to F. This selects the 16 presets inside the GCCI. Push the knob in to activate the Low Fidelity mode for each preset, which can create some utterly unique and sick tones with its dirtier and nastier sounds. The Geiger Counter WMD Civilian Issue is powered by any 9vdc and is true bypass, so all you get is the unadulterated tone of your rig and the mind warping harmonic nastiness of the Geiger Counter Civilian Issue.

  • Miniaturized and simplified Geiger Counter
  • 16 preset wave forms
  • Control for gain, tone, function and volume
  • 9 volt operation
  • True bypass

Out of Stock

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